GYO Vegetables

GYO Vegetables

Seed Potatoes & Onion Sets now available and ready for you to plant.

Growing fresh vegetables is incredibly rewarding…and the speed in which they travel from garden to kitchen means you can enjoy them at their freshest, delivering unbeatable flavour and goodness.

Time to plant your crop of onions…
we have a fabulous range guaranteed to deliver unbeatable flavour!

Red Baron – Excellent for use in salads – great value 100 onions only £2.99
Stuttgarter Giant – A firm favourite – 100 onions only £2.99
Mikor, Longor & Vigarmor French shallot varieties – 10 shallots for £2.99
Golden Gourmet – Excellent for pickling – 12 onions only £2.49
and many more, see instore

The benefits of growing your own isn’t purely about the vegetables though, gardening is a good way to be more physically active. It may also help relieve stress and improve your mental wellbeing. Getting children involved can be a good way to encourage them to eat more fruit and vegetables and try different varieties.