Peter Barker Fine Art

We are delighted to have P E T E R   B A R K E R   F I N E   A R T ‘in residence’ at Welland Vale. This beautifully appointed gallery is owned and run by Peter Barker and his family, featuring a fine selection of his own work as well as that of a cherry-picked stable of celebrated artists.

Peter is renowned for his spell-binding and much sought-after pastoral landscapes. Inspired by the sheer passion for fine paintings, he realised there was a gaping hole for traditional art in Rutland, and decided to set up his own gallery.  Since opening in May 2015, PBFA has proved an immediate success, drawing art connoisseurs from across the East Midlands and beyond. 

A visit here whilst at the garden centre is highly recommended.

The Gallery is accessible via its own main entrance, or from the Orchard Café, which serves an array of delightful refreshments.

For the Gallery website, please click on PBFA